Who Should I Recruit to Defeat Dole?

Hey, everyone. The 2008 elections have already begun. And, already, I need your help. It's not clear at this point that Elizabeth Dole will actually run for re-election. She's been widely criticized for her performance as Chair of the NRSC; she's shown that she has little to no interest in what happens to North Carolina or its citizens; and, let's face it, her performance on the pre-election episode of "Meet the Press" was painful to watch.

But, even if she does run, we can beat her. So, who should I recruit to take her on? Don't limit yourselves to politicians. Are there good businesspeople or community leaders out there who share our vision and can win?

I'm looking forward to your thoughts.


No Lotto Love for Mike

I understand the lure of a "named" candidate but please not Lotto Mike.

At some point the netroots are going to have to have the "faith", so to speak, to step outside tradition. We've already seen how online organization can act as an "assist" to campaigns with candidates chosen by "traditional" means.

2008 and RobertP's 100 county initiative could be the next step in the process. The netroots could help find candidates, vet them, start to build buzz and infrastructure around them and, like the last two cycles, bring home the sale.

Yeah, most folks won't be consuming their politics online for years to come, but that doesn't stop the netroots acting as a initiator and catalyst for more traditional means of electing folks.

Why worry about it now? To unleash the power of the "long tail" you need plenty of time.

there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right. MLK,Jr. to SCLC Leadership Class

there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right. MLK,Jr. to SCLC Leadership Class

Watching you watching me

I don't suppose anybody saw this in today's News & Observer?

Blogging for a candidate

Using the Web log at bluenc.com, State Democratic Chairman Jerry Meek recently asked Democrats for suggestions on whom he should recruit to run against Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole in 2008. Here are some suggestions Meek received.

and full story by Rob Christensen:

Dems hunt Web for Dole challenger
State leader trolls for names online

Ooo OOo pick me Pick me!

I did...

Am I the only one that thought the Dole response was asinine?

"Regarding [Meek's] concern about whether Elizabeth Dole is going to run or not, she is going to run and never thought otherwise. She will take on all comers. America is a great country."

Thomas S. Brock



What have YOU done today to make the world a better place?

I think assinine

is the standard by which the senior senator operates.

Bob Etheridge!

Bob Etheridge won his congressional race by a bigger margin than David Price or Brad Miller, even though Etheridge's district is mostly rural, and includes much of the Fayetteville area! To elect a U.S. Senator, we'll have to get the support of these folks!
Etheridge is smart, honest, and very personable. He is like a wise and kind father. Yes, he's moderate, not liberal. But let's get real; this is North Carolina, not Massachusetts. Our choices for U.S. Senators are moderate Democrats like John Edwards, or right wing . . . persons . . . like Richard Burr, Elizabeth Dole, Jesse Helms, John East, etc.



Well Said.


"Keep the Faith"

Carmen Hooker Odom

How about Carmen Hooker-Odom, Secretary of Health and Human Services? I don't know a whole lot about her, but I do know she is very charismatic, strong, intelligent, articulate, and knowledgeable about health care and government.

GREAT suggestion

I knew her back when her late husband was shaking things up at UNC. She was fantastic way back then. I don't know if she's kept out of trouble through the years, but I'll bet she has.

Very good suggestion. Excellent.

Why not Heath?

I'm very surprised there's no mention on here of Heath Shuler. Certainly not unheard of for a freshman Congressman to run for Senate, and he's proven he can win in a red district, so why not a reddish state? Only downside is probably we give the 11th back to the (R)s, but the Senate seat has to be more important, no?

Off the wall -- how about JT coming back home to Carolina? Or did you know that KC (of the Sunshine Band) lives in Chapel Hill? Seems to me that serious policy wonks aren't going to win this race (or Erskine would have!) - we need a rock star!



No offense to Heath, but he's not ready for big time.

Heath Shuler

I believe Heath has a bright future in politics, but give the man a chance to establish himself in Congress. He will get along well there. For the immediate, however, I have to go with Jim Hunt. Two eight-year stints in the Governor's Mansion, and he could have been governor for life. He is truly one of the all-time great Tar Heel statesmen.

Hunt's Age

A few people have expressed reservations about Hunt because he may only be able to serve one term. Those points are well taken, but getting a Democrat in the seat in the first place is well over half the battle. It would make things much easier for those who come later. Not to mention, one Senate term is nothing to sneeze at. This is half a decade we're talking about here.

Great names and comments by all. Let me also thank Jerry for posing this question here. Super move. Also, kudos to BlueNC. This is a great thing you have built here, and I consider myself proud to be a regular visitor.

And Heath Shuler again

Exactly my point. By 2014, Shuler should be completing his fourth term in the House of Representatives by this plan. At that point, with his charisma, he should have established himself as a rising star, and that may be the optimum time for him to step in as the beloved Guv-nah retires to Democrat Heaven.


Here's what. He's never taken a stand on any social/political issues.

and he lives in the Chi, and that's where his empire is

maybe we could steal some of those Okafor in '04 signs from the Bobcats and change it to '08 ...

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines

We'd be sorry to lose him as mayor, but he would be terrific in any role. My only concern for him as a Senate candidate would be how well he is known outside of the Triad, but his record in Winston-Salem is exemplary.

That's really intriguing . .

That's really intriguing . . . I'm from Winston-Salem, and I really dig Allen Joines. The last I spoke to him about it, he told me that he'd considered a congressional run in the 5th, but had rejected the prospect because of poor name recognition. You really think he should go for Dole/ the open seat?

Expand the search

I would highly recommend Anne Batchelder of Asheville, NC. She is extremely intelligent, possesses a magnificent sense of organization, is extremely ethical, and has many contacts in the NC arts world, which is a field that touches many North Carolinians directly or indirectly.

Start Recruiting Stick Williams NOW

Of the non-politicos that have been mentioned, Stick Williams' bio stands far above the rest.

Look at this:

Richard Tyrone "Stick" Williams ’75

As a boy in Greensboro, Richard Tyrone Williams ’75 earned the nickname “Stick” for being one of the best hitters in sandlot baseball. He’s a little surprised it has stayed with him this long. But even as a corporate officer of Duke Energy, even as chair of Carolina’s Board of Visitors, of the General Alumni Association and now of the Board of Trustees, people have felt comfortable calling him Stick.

But then, Stick is a man who makes people comfortable. Before you know it, you’re telling him all sorts of things. He’s smiling encouragement and listening intently, and you’re realizing how much you like him.

If you point this out to Stick, you’ll get another smile.

“Most of my career I’ve been kind of a reluctant leader,” he says. “But I’ve always been very good at influencing people and being personable. As a result of those traits, folks just found it easy to follow me. I never have the sense that I’m an expert at anything. I always pick the brains of other people about what would make us successful. If you are interested in people, they will absolutely tell you the world.”

Stick’s life is a great “University of the People” story. As a fellow trustee puts it, Stick Williams wasn’t someone born on third base who thought he hit a triple. Stick Williams was born in the Ray Warren Homes housing project, one of three sons of a single mom.

But as we’ve said, Stick was a guy who could find his way around the bases if you just let him into the batter’s box.

He came to Carolina on an academic scholarship, but his real plan was to major in football. He finagled permission to live in Ehringhaus dorm with the scholarship players. With a teenager’s naivete, he figured professional football would earn him a fine living. His freshman season, he tore up his knee. Football was over.

Now with three decades worth of perspective on that misfortune, Stick says, “It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. And the most painful thing.”

The ache of the slowly healing knee sharpened Stick’s focus on his academic talent—and on the academic opportunity at Carolina he might have let slip past. He studied hard and passed the CPA exam on his first try, and his Carolina degree opened the door to his career with Duke Energy. He’s made practically a second career of serving his alma mater.

These past years Stick has led Carolina’s Board of Trustees as it has wrestled with tough personnel decisions, with raising tuition, and with finding money to build top-notch buildings and labs. He guided himself and the board through each decision by asking what would raise Carolina’s standing as a leading public university.

And Stick Williams is this University’s first African American to chair the trustees. It’s not something he’s talked much about. But it’s been on his mind the whole time.

“I have vivid memories about folks being pushed around by fire hoses, attacked by dogs and clubbed by policemen,” during the civil rights movement, he says. “And it is clear to me that they were willing to do that for me; they were never going to have opportunities like being a student at UNC or being chair of the board of trustees. It’s been a very short period of time since black students have even been welcome at the University. But now, one of the premier universities in the nation has a black chairman of the board of trustees.”

And that is the legacy both of Carolina and of one of its heaviest hitters. No wonder the nickname sticks.

Think you could make some good campaign ads for that? Yeah, I'd say so. Intelligent. Successful. Self-Made.

Meet your next U.S. Senator, North Carolina!

A great guy and a true-blue Dem

Tom McGannon is president and CEO of Chemtex in Wilmington. He's a totally righteous guy, very perspicaceous, on the right side of the issues, and very well spoken. He could easily take on the hypocrisy of our current Republican Senator.

Assistant attorney general with the state

Elizabeth Oxley is a brilliant assistant AG in Raleigh. She's worked behind the scenes for years, but I believe she has the ability and skills to be a very strong voice for Dem issues throughout the state and in DC.

Mayor of Kill Devil Hills

I would suggest looking at Chuck Ball, the current Mayor of Kill Devil Hills. He is well liked by those who know him and would be a good challenger to Dole or any other Republican.

Roy Cooper is the smartest choice

Put aside for the moment the fact that he's said he's running for re-election as AG in '08.

He's young(ish), he's telegenic, he's proven he can win statewide, and he was smart enough to get out of the way of the upcoming Perdue vs. Moore battle in the governor's race. He also seems like a genuinely good guy, and he's let the section heads in the AG's office pretty much run their own ships.

I love Jim Hunt, Dean Smith and Bill Friday, but they'd never run and they're probably getting a little long in the tooth anyway.

Roy Cooper for Senate.

PS -- A few other thoughts. I respect Elaine Marshall tremendously, but she isn't the most dynamic candidate out there. Brad Miller or Mel Watt statewide? I'd be proud to try but I don't think they are our best shots at winning in '08.

Roy Cooper

The fact that he isn't running is the one thing that makes me wonder if there is a silent campaign coming from Easley or Hunt.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt could run for any office in North Carolina and have a very good chance of winning. He served two eight-year terms as governor and could have been governor for life. He is one of the all-time great Tar Heel statesmen, and I would definitely work his campaign out here in the west!

Have you spoken with Colon

Have you spoken with Colon Willoughby, the District Attorney in Raleigh. He is a smart, attractive politically savvy individual who doesn't have some of the baggage of these other people, and has shown that he can keep his nose impeccably clean for many years.

Is Liddy really running?

Let's face it, Sen. Dole will be tough to beat, but is she really running? I believe that after the election loss; the GOP leadership will relegate her to such a level that she will find no reason to be in Washington. If she does, however, decide to stay then I believe that it will take a woman to beat a woman. I.E. Last week's elections: Washington State, Michigan, Missouri...It's just difficult for a man to beat a woman in a statewide election of this magnitude. Therefore, if she runs, I would hope that our best choices would be:
1. Bev Purdue (unless Bev wanted to run against Walter Jones which wouldn't hurt my feelings either, she does reside in his district.)
2. Elaine Marshall

This would allow Moore to run for Governor and also Roy Cooper in 2010 against Sen. Burr? Is in one seeing that as a possibility?

I'm also a little surprised no one has mentioned Congressman Mike McIntyre who won re-election last week with roughly 75% of the vote. He is a moderate, that much is certain, however, he would be great for North Carolina, and he would serve our state with integrity the way he has served the 7th district over the past decade.

Good points

I agree with you about a woman running against her if she runs, but there are more and more rumors that she won't. Maybe it's health reasons, maybe it's just being tired of being beat up for doing a crappy job. Who knows, but that doesn't stop the rumor mill.

I think she's beatable. She hasn't been in North Carolina at all over the past four years and doesn't want to start now. Plus she's been miserable in her Senate leadership role (and got bumped out of that role today).

Purdue and Moore look like they're going at it for Gov, sadly.

any of these options

would be good:

Jim Hunt; if my mind serves me correctly, he was Governor of NC for only 3 terms since there was a one term limit on governor till he was re-elected the second time?

Richard Moore: has done a great job as State Treasurer

Dean Smith: would he consider?

Roy Cooper: Great Attorney General

Elaine Marshall: Great Woman

Leave Beverly Perdue as Gubanatorial candidate

Brad Miller

I'm surprised how little support there is for Brad. The reason I think he would be good is that Vernon threw every ugly accusation he could at him, and none of it stuck. Indys voted for him in his district. Add the 4th District, which was forced to watch the commercials to his strong support list, and you are well on your way to a state-wide movement.

He could do it if he started now and organized, oh I don't know, maybe in, well, 100 Counties.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I know I'd pick Brad Miller

In a heart-beat! He has done so much for all of us here in NC and all of America. He would be my #1 pick! BRAD MILLER FOR SENATOR!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

I'll be clear about Rep. Miller

Not being from his district, I don't really know all the bills he has worked on for the state and country. He seems like a nice fella and I know people here support him and I can support the things I've seen on his website.

I go back to what I said earlier, as my reason for thinking he might have a shot at Elizabeth Dole. He's been through the ringer. Vernon ran as negative a campaign as you could possibly have and voters didn't buy it. I mean look at those results:

Name on Ballot Party Ballot Count
Brad Miller DEM 97,086
Vernon Robinson REP 55,423

Even with it being a wave year, that is a butt-whooping for a race where the challenger spent so much money.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Thoughts Over Coffee

Mike Cross- Attorney and Artist
Hugh Shelton - retired General
Charlie Rhodes- Journalist
Lewis Black- Comedian (Calling It Like It Is!)

Lesser Know but Strong Candidate and I think could be convinced to run;
Mike Woodard. I think he would fit the standard for a strong fiscally consevative, socially just candidate and would appeal to North Carolinians.

Mike Woodard
City Council member (Ward 3)for the City of Durham

Administrator, Duke University and Health System
Duke University, A.B. in Economics and Political Science
Duke University, Certificate in Non-Profit Studies
Elected to Council: 2005

Term Expires: 2009

City Council Committees Appointed by the Mayor:
Joint City/County Planning Committee
Legislative Committee
American Center for the Performing Arts Committee
Information Technology Committee
Transportation Advisory Committee
Durham-Chapel Hill-Orange County Work Group
City Council Subcommittees:
Council Procedures Committee
Insurance Committee
Personnel Committee
Other City Council Appointments by the Mayor:
Durham Arts Council
Durham Open Space and Trails Commission
Environmental Affairs Board
Community Involvement and Organizations:
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
President, InterNeighborhood Council
Durham Central Park, Board of Directors
AIDS Community Residence Association, Board of Directors
Graduate, Durham Neighborhood College
Durham Rotary Club
Fellow, North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership
Past President, North Carolina Jaycees
Past President, Durham Jaycees
Founder, TROSA Jaycees
Triangle United Way
Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce
American Red Cross
Contact Information: Home: 2009 Woodrow Street
Durham, NC 27705

City Hall: 101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4396 ext. 276
Fax: (919) 560-4801
Email: mike.woodard@durhamnc.gov

Good ideas, Troy.

I'll add them to The List over the weekend.

Welcome and thanks for chiming in!

Is Lewis Black from NC?

I'd vote for him in a heartbeat!

I'm Bloo through and through.

I'm Bloo through and through.

Hugh Shelton

Absolutely. Never thought of him.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'd LOVE to see...

a 100-county strategy! (that's about our only hope out my way)

I like Jim Hunt to run against Dole.

Also, Dan Papadopoulis would be a terrific candidate. We tried to get him to run out here for 10th District Congress, but I think this race would be a better match for him. He's well known in his community, as well as in D.C.! He already has some backers from considering the other run. He's highly intelligent and charismatic, and a strong Democrat.

Prospective Candidates

As for Jim Hunt, I hand't heard his name tossed about . . . won't he be 71 by 2008? I think that Richard Moore might be a wise choice (once he loses the gubernatorial primary) . . . I'm weighing him against Etheridge right now . . .definately prettier, and a solid record, but would he be too reminiscent of John Edwards? And with respect to Easley, doesn't he refuse to run?


I was pretty sure he was a Republican?

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

He's never actually said his

He's never actually said his affiliation if any to my knowledge. He did commercials for Erskine and was on an advisory committee for Senator Edwards I believe.