NC State Senator Earns Conservation Award

Senator Charles W. Albertson was named the Legislator of the Year at the Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards presented recently by the N.C. Wildlife Federation. Sen. Albertson was among a group of 18 individuals and organizations honored for their work supporting North Carolina’s conservation efforts.

The New Bern Sun Journal

Dean Set To Testify!

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Former Nixon Counsel John Dean was announced as a witness before Friday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on a resolution to censure President Bush, according to a press release sent by Senator Russ Feingold (WI-Dem) to RAW STORY.

Along with Dean, former Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein - under President Reagan - will also be testifying.

Although while White House Counsel, Dean played a major role in the Watergate scandal, he later became a "star witness" for the prosection (Wikipedia).

Senator Feingold's Press Release:

DNC's 50 State Canvass

Howard Dean is extending his fifty-state effort with a nationwide canvassing on April 29th. With the success of the North Carolina Democratic Congressional candidates linked to the fortunes of the national Democratic Party, and the success of taking back the house linked to Shuler and Kissell's ability to unseat Republicans, events like this will be hugely important in determining the direction of our country. Please visit the DNC's website to see how you can

Thursday Action Plan - Fully Fund IDEA

Today's action plan is simple. I am going to list four people who have supported full funding of IDEA. I will give you their contact information. All four are Democrats (surprise!) and all four are running for re-election.

Today, we will thank them for their efforts on behalf of disabled children and encourage them to continue to take a stand.

Please see contact information below the fold...

The Democrats of the 5th on Display

There were a couple of high profile candidates that decided not to run in NC-5 against Virginia Foxx (R), but we do have four Democrats in a primary battle to run against her. The Winston-Salem Journal highlights the race in this article. You will have to click the article to read the whole thing, but I will quote the introduction of the candidates:

The candidates are Mark Glen, an architect in Winston-Salem; Syn-di Holmes, a nurse who lives Mocksville; Roger Kirkman, a public-information officer in Winston-Salem and the 2004 primary runner-up; and Roger Sharpe, a former state senator from Harmony who once worked as the special assistant to the director of the Office of Civil Rights under the Carter administration.

N&O goes nucular

Sometimes I wish everybody had to swear to some version of the Hippocratic Oath in order to get a license for breathing. I mean really, wouldn't it be peachy if each of our words and actions aligned with this? First do no harm. Here's a case in point. Shilling today for the nucular power industry, Steve Ford and the News and Observer have this to say:

When the ice caps begin to melt, it may be too late. Meanwhile, it is encouraging to see a company such as Progress Energy formulate a strategy that makes it a participant in the effort to combat global warming. That strategy could be good for business, and should be good for the environment as well if the expanded nuclear option can be pursued safely.


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