Sorry Not Sorry: Chemours "accidentally" spills more Genx into Cape Fear

Old (nasty) habits are apparently hard to break:

In a press release Thursday afternoon, officials with the state Department of Environmental Quality said preliminary data revealed a spike in the levels of GenX in untreated water near the chemical company's Fayetteville Works facility in Bladen County. After contacting the company, DEQ spokesman Jamie Kritzer said Chemours officials revealed that workers had spilled dimer acid fluoride during planned maintenance at the plant Oct. 6.

Dimer acid fluoride effectively breaks down in water into the equivalent of GenX, a poorly studied and unregulated contaminant in a family of chemicals linked to cancer and other negative health effects. Kritzer said it's unclear how much of the chemical leaked or how long it spilled into the Cape Fear River.

As our Riverkeepers and their cadre of volunteer water watchers will tell you, such "accidents" happen way too often to not be intentional. Whether it's polluting industries or municipal wastewater treatment plants, there are numerous cases of "Oops!" that occur every year. Because making it somebody else's problem is the easiest way to deal with chemicals and sewage. Until it starts costing you a lot of money, which is what needs to happen.

Friday News: Another GOP pedophile

U.S. SENATE CANDIDATE ROY MOORE OF ALABAMA ACCUSED OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT WITH TEENAGE GIRLS: A month before Alabama's special election, Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore abruptly faced lurid allegations Thursday of sexual misconduct with minors decades ago — and an immediate backlash from party leaders who demanded he get out of the race if the accusations prove true. The instant fallout followed a Washington Post report in which an Alabama woman said Moore, then a 32-year-old assistant district attorney, had sexual contact with her when she was 14. Three other women interviewed by the Post said Moore, now 70, approached them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18 and he was in his early 30s. All four women spoke on the record to the Post.

Resisting in the streets and at the table

The term "Iconic" comes to mind...

Thursday News: Change is in the air


LGBTQ CANDIDATES WIN SEVEN RACES IN NORTH CAROLINA ELECTIONS: Advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people are celebrating Tuesday’s election as seven openly LGBTQ candidates won races across North Carolina while other candidates made history in elections around the country. Three of those new North Carolina officials come from the Triangle. Altogether, there now will be 20 openly LGBTQ office-holders across the state, according to Equality NC. “It’s huge for LGBTQ North Carolinians,” said Ben Graumann, director of communications for Raleigh-based Equality NC, a statewide advocacy group. Tuesday’s election results, said Vernetta Alston, who was elected to the Durham City Council, “signal a great new progressive force that can kind of lead the way in advancing the rights of LGBTQ folks.”

Hongbin Gu leads pack of newly-elected Council members in Chapel Hill

You can take your anti-immigrant bias and stick it where the sun don't shine:

The victory was “beyond our wildest expectations,” said Gu, a quantitative researcher with UNC’s School of Medicine. She faced a number of challenges to become the council’s first Chinese-American member, including social media criticism of her immigrant background. She also discovered, days before the election, that the U.S. Postal Service had closed her P.O. mailbox for two weeks and returned donations to their senders.

“It says something about about the community that we have,” she said of her victory. “I feel tremendously honored and just so happy.” She has multiple priorities going into her first four-year term, Gu said, like continuing the council’s efforts to bring high-tech and startup companies to the town. Work on the town’s affordable housing and transportation plans also will be important, she said.

Not my back yard, not my lobsters on the cook-out grill, but this should serve as a learning experience to navel-gazing racists and cultural throwbacks: It's entirely possible the reason she won the most votes is because of those hurtful comments on your "community" page, not in spite of them. That dog won't hunt in Chapel Hill.

Wednesday News: Resistance!

NORTHAM LEADS DEMOCRATIC WAVE IN VIRGINIA: In Virginia, like in several contests across America on Tuesday, the Trump resistance won. And it wasn't close. Northam, a pediatric neurologist and Army veteran, led longtime Republican operative Gillespie by several points as the final votes ticked in. Democrats also scored victories in the race for New Jersey governor and in Maine, where voters slapped the state's Republican governor, a Trump ally, by backing a measure to expand Medicaid coverage under former President Barack Obama's health care law. The Democratic mayors of New York and Boston, both vocal Trump critics, also won re-election easily. And Virginia voters elected the state's first openly-transgender state representative, among more than a dozen state legislative pickups for Democrats.

Tuesday News: Rhetorical pistols at dawn

MCFARLANE AND FRANCIS TRADE JABS IN RUNUP TO RUNOFF: Mayor Nancy McFarlane has spent much of her re-election campaign defending the city’s excitement for Dix Park and park spending in general. The city purchased the 308-acre Dix property from the state in 2014 for $52 million and plans to transform the land, home to buildings that used to serve a psychiatric hospital, into a destination park people could walk to from downtown Raleigh. Charles Francis, who’s running against McFarlane in the Nov. 7 runoff, has said the city should focus its energy on meeting the city’s more basic needs by fixing roads and providing more affordable housing. “That’s been the real conflict I’ve had with these pseudo-liberal Democrats,” Francis once told the N&O. “What’s important to them is bike lanes and parks and that kind of thing. What we have in mind is more basic.” In response, McFarlane’s campaign recently circulated a mailer that says Francis “vows to slash funding for parks and open space.”

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Geremy the Germ has an important public service announcement:

To clarify, Geremy wrote that yesterday, meaning the election is today. Tuesday. I'll have a talk with Geremy about the concept of time passing, and how certain terminology might cause your message to become moribund in just a few hours' time. Is that 4th person? Am I speaking in 4th person? I'm easily confused...


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