Larry Kissell

Kissell is the Democratic Congressman representing the 8th District of North Carolina

Counting for Kissell

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about just how the numbers are falling in NC-08. It all started when a precinct or machine was double counted in the wee hours Wednesday morning. It looked like Larry had picked up 122 votes. As it stands Hayes has 465 votes more than Larry.

There are almost 1500 provisional votes that have been cast, but I'm not sure if they've been validated yet. If so, Larry would need a little over 65% of them or 977 votes to win by one vote. Provisional votes will not be counted or added to the total until November 17.

The vote will be certified on November 28 and a recount can only be requested after the vote is certified. A recount can be requested if the difference in vote totals is less than 1% of the total votes cast. I can't imagine a scenario given these facts where this race will not face a recount.

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Kissell v Hayes, NC-08 - Waiting......Waiting...... (UPDATE)

It was a long cold rainy day and worth every minute of it. There are so many people who have worked so very, very hard for this day. Win or not, this has been an amazing experience and one I will not forget for the rest of my life.

Larry is up in Mecklenburg County and I'm checking the different counties. I'll post some stories from today in a bit. I need to check for some numbers.


In checking individual counties I can only find Stanly County results which typically goes for Hayes with 70% of the vote. He's at 62% with 24 of 28 precincts reporting.

Mecklenburg is only showing early voting numbers still.

Many of the counties do not have their own web sites, so it's a bit tough to find them all.

Typically, minority and smaller town boxes come in last and those should favor Larry. Don't get discouraged yet.

Larry Kissell Earns Charlotte Observer Endorsement

I know I will wind up going way beyond fair use here. Robin Hayes has refused to run on his record, so the Charlotte Observer editorial board took up some space reminding folks that he has voted against the workers, for torture, for the President's agenda and against fiscal responsibility.

My mother has been interviewed by this board and sometimes has earned the endorsement, sometimes has not. She says they are thoughtful and thorough in their interviews. What do they have to say about Larry?

Mr. Kissell, a Baptist deacon and Wake Forest graduate (B.A. in economics), is a serious, intelligent, hard-working man with a quiet sense of humor who probably would serve well. He says he'd be a tougher advocate for protections for U.S. workers in international trade agreements, more skeptical about the Bush administration's Iraq policy and more responsible on balancing the federal budget than Rep. Hayes has been.

They don't quite gush about Larry the way I do and later today I'm going to do some gushing....but they see the same qualities we all see.

What do they have to say about Robin Hayes?

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Larry Kissell, NC-08: A Man of the People (Update)

I am bumping this to the front page. Some things simply don't need to be rewritten. There aren't enough superlatives in the English language for me to describe Larry and his campaign and the wonderful people I met in Biscoe while covering this event.

Most of you have heard about Larry Kissell's ingenius idea to sell gas at $1.22/gallon in RANT's great diary from yesterday. The results are in and it was an overwhelming success for many reasons. Yes, over 500 people were served. Yes, the news coverage has been terrific. Yes, the many different points represented by this gesture seem to all have been made quite successfully.

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New Elon Poll is Out - Larry Kissell's lead is Confirmed! UPDATED

Don't pop open the champagne yet, but you might want to put some on ice. Use this poll as motivation to get out there and convince those undecideds that they need to vote for an honest man, an humble man. They need and want to vote for Larry Kissell.

The Elon University Poll, as reported by Dr. Hunter Bacot - yes, the same man who previously said this district wasn't in play and wasn't even on their radar (heh, heh, gloat, gloat) basically confirms the poll numbers release a couple of days ago by RT Strategies.

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Republicans for Larry Kissell

I'd like for all of us to take a moment to think about a phenomenon going on in the 8th District. It's illustrated by this photograph posted to the right. If you look closely, you'll notice that along with the two Kissell signs on the truck is the trademark oval "W" sticker proudly displayed by supporters of President Bush.

Yes, there are Republicans supporting Larry Kissell.

No, they haven't "seen the light". They aren't giving up their conservative ideology. They do not want to stand under the big tent. The "End Times" have not arrived. Hell has not frozen over.

The fact is there are many conservatives who believe that character counts. They see in Larry Kissell the same qualities we see. They like them as much as we do.

I'm SO Pissed

Don't tell my mother that I said that. Robin Hayes' new commercial is such at LIE. How could Larry have a record of being for raising taxes when he has never held office before? You see why I am about to pop my cork? Between Flip Floppin' Robin and The Vermin's venom...I think I need a glass of wine.


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