Roll Call Paying Attention to Larry Kissell

Who here remembers the 2006 election cycle? Remember how we did everything humanly possible to get press attention for Larry Kissell? The campaign worked their hearts out, volunteers worked their hearts out and those of us on the web wrote our poor little fingers to the bone and all the corporate media could talk about was the damned goat.

Enter Roll Call.

In December 2006 they had this to say:

Don't Count on DCCC to help Larry Kissell

A few days ago, Larry Kissell wrote a diary on DailyKos titled No Confidence in Politics as Usual. Tucked away in that diary was this little morsel:

The Washington folks seemed shocked that we recently polled and it showed my opponent is in big trouble and the district agrees with me that we've had enough.

That's right. There's a poll. Unfortunately, I can't get my hands on it, but what I've heard so far is that Robin Hayes is in more trouble than he's ever been in and Larry Kissell hasn't lost momentum. From what I hear - and I promise to produce the poll if it is ever released - on the uninformed poll question, the two candidates (Kissell v. Hayes) are neck and neck.

Kissell Campaign Events - Find One Near You

There are a few fundraisers coming up for Larry Kissell that I hope you will be able to find time to attend. Robin Hayes is running scared, so we need to keep the pressure on by helping Larry raise lots of money this quarter.

Also, if any other Democratic candidates have fundraising events coming up, please post in the comments and I'll update this post to include your event. I would like for our candidates to get front page attention. Maybe we can do something at the beginning of every month.

Rahm Emanuel Headlines Fundraiser for Larry Kissell

We begged Rep. Rahm Emanuel to help Larry Kissell in his bid for the 8th Congressional District seat in 2006. Now that the dust has settled, Rahm is making his move.

Join Congressman Rahm Emanuel in supporting Larry Kissell in his renewed bid to oust Robin Hayes from congress. The fundraiser will be held this Saturday at NCDP Headquarters in Raleigh from 3:30 - 4:30pm. Tickets are $200 per person or $330 per couple.

Larry Kissell Finds One of His 330 Votes, Robin Hayes Runs Scared

The Larry Kissell team has found one of the 330 votes we were missing in 2006. Not only that, this vote actually takes one away from Robin Hayes. The young lady you see pictured on the left was willing to speak to us on Saturday at the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party convention in Charlotte. She explained that her family had always voted Republican and she followed suit.

Then, she made friends of a different political persuasion and she opened her mind to the things they were saying. It didn't take long for her to become a Kissell convert. Before you hear her testimonial, though, Larry needs your vote. No, not for congress. That comes later. Larry is in the running for DFA Grassroots All-Stars. At last check he was running a close fourth and we need to bump him up into the top three. Please visit DFA and vote for Larry Kissell.

Larry Kissell, Rep. Artur Davis, Rep. Brad Miller, Stuart Rothenberg, Chris Bowers: Big Big News

You might have wondered what happened to Larry Kissell after November's election. We haven't been bringing much news out from North Carolina about him, so wanted to update you on all that has happened.

Larry Kissell immediately declared his intent to run again in 2008. He might have slowed down over winter holidays, but he hasn't missed a beat. He is already running like an old pro and is doing what he can to help other prospective congressional candidates in North Carolina.

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Rep. Artur Davis Endorses Larry Kissell for Congress in '08

Congressman Artur Davis has announced his endorsement of Larry Kissell in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District.

After spending time with Larry Kissell and the people of North Carolina the weekend of March 23rd, the top recruiter for the ’08 congressional campaign cycle appreciated why Kissell came within 400 votes of becoming the next congressman for North Carolina’s 8th District.

“When you experience the enthusiasm that still exists for this humble and capable man,” said U.S. Representative Artur Davis,” you feel even more positive about what he accomplished in 2006 and what he will achieve in 2008.”

“Larry Kissell will be the next congressman for North Carolina's 8th District,” Davis said.

I had the pleasure of meeting Congressman Davis when he visited Charlotte last year to offer support for Larry and enjoyed seeing him again this past weekend. This is what I had to say when Rep. Davis and Rep. Watt both rallied a crowd of Kissell supporters last year.

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Kissell Slide Show Fun

I'm cross-posting this from The Southern Dem. I am not putting it on the front page until I'm sure everyone can view it. It is a Quicktime movie and I posted it on the blog space that my iMac account gives me for free. Maybe I'll just host videos there if this works. I wish Quicktime had a bigger screen. Features that work on my mac are icky in Quicktime. Below is the post:

This is my first attempt at a video/slide show with my new software. Enjoy! Click on the picture and it will take you to the page where I saved the slide show. I'm not ready for YouTube Primetime, yet. Thanks for watching and any feedback would be helpful. I recognize a lot of issues, but don't yet know how to fix them. I'm working on it, though.

Kissell Earns Clout, Hayes Remains Impotent

This originally ran on May 16 of this year. For those who have my, "The Impotence of One" post memorized, you can skip to the end for the important question. ;)

On May 16th of this year I wrote a piece titled The Impotence of One, about Robin Hayes and his apparent lack of power in Congress based on how little he had accomplished. This was my opening paragraph:

Robin Hayes is learning a tough lesson in Washington. It stinks to belong to the party in power and yet, have none of your own. It must be lonely walking the halls of Congress knowing that you've been used and abused like an inflatable party doll. But that's not stopping Robin Hayes. Not at all.

I was admittedly sarcastic as I described a stunt Hayes pulled to try to get press attention and votes.

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Counting for Kissell

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about just how the numbers are falling in NC-08. It all started when a precinct or machine was double counted in the wee hours Wednesday morning. It looked like Larry had picked up 122 votes. As it stands Hayes has 465 votes more than Larry.

There are almost 1500 provisional votes that have been cast, but I'm not sure if they've been validated yet. If so, Larry would need a little over 65% of them or 977 votes to win by one vote. Provisional votes will not be counted or added to the total until November 17.

The vote will be certified on November 28 and a recount can only be requested after the vote is certified. A recount can be requested if the difference in vote totals is less than 1% of the total votes cast. I can't imagine a scenario given these facts where this race will not face a recount.

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